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About Us

Gekos Receptivo was born from a new business concept in Brazilian tourism. The willingness of the partners to INNOVATE and EXCEED the expectations of our customers makes Gekos a differentiated company in the field of receptive tourism.

In order to arrive at an ideal business concept, we experience all stages of a customer looking for an excellent receptive service, we identify existing needs and apply improvements throughout the process. Analysis of each product and service, procedures, integrated technology at all stages and an effective team, translate to the market the feeling of providing the best, in addition to favoring and strengthening the production chain of each destination worked on.

With that, we created a World! Reception services, packages, excursions, experiences, sports and, above all, fun! Our role is to facilitate the discovery of a world that provides you with unique experiences and allows you to enjoy every moment of your trip with the best service!

If you are searching for technology that works for your needs, whether you want to access products or distribute products, and is made by and for travel professionals, contact us today.